About Us

A Publisher's Story

We started Avendia Publishing with a simple vision: to help turn ideas into powerful publications. Since then we have continued to create quality, avant-garde technical journals, periodicals, trade books, textbooks, and genre fiction, using the latest design technology, editing methods, and marketing strategies.

We take great pride in the work we provide to authors and companies who trust us to produce their published works.

Working with authors, engineers and business people gives us the broad experiences to become the right partner for a wide range of publishing projects. Reach out to us and see how we can turn your ideas into powerful print and digital media.

fiction authors: 

In March 2019 we will be reopening our submissions with the goal of selecting two new literary fiction novels (science fiction and dystomian genres). Submission criteria will be posted soon on this website and on our new Twitter account.

Also, fiction authors should contact us for the possibility of being featured in an upcoming issue of Thrilleresque Magazine, which has become an entertaining and useful resource for authors and fans of crime fiction. Contact us today.